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Kids Classes (Summer Only)
Kids Classes (Summer Only)

Kids Classes

The focus of each class is on how well your child moves, not how much or how fast. Every class is loaded with age-appropriate excitement coupled with learning the basic functional movements. We want to see your kids grow in strength and skill as well as in confidence and character, and above all have fun!

Our Kids program is a strength and conditioning class developed specifically for the their age range and is always scalable based upon your child's ability. We teach our young athletes to move correctly and because the workouts are constantly varied, your child is less likely to fall prey to the overuse injuries that plague common training routines and year-round sports. Our program can help any athlete improve his or her speed, coordination, strength, and endurance.

Kids Classes (ages 5-8) 1:30pm-2:15pm

Session 1: No longer available

Session 2: July 8th-Aug. 1st (4 weeks)

Preteen Classes (ages 9-12) M/W's 11AM-12

Session 1: June 3rd-June 26th (4 weeks)-contact us if you'd like to join late

Session 2: July 8th-Aug. 14 (6 weeks)

Teen Class-Intro to Barbell and Functional Fitness (ages 13-18) M/W/s 1:30-2:30PM

June 3rd-June 26th (4 weeks)-contact us if you'd like to join late!

-This program will work on barbell movements such as the back squat, overhead squat, front squat, push press, push jerk and deadlifts using only a PVC pipe or trainer bar to work on form. We will also work on proper form of body weight movements such as the air squat and push ups. A daily WOD (workout of the day) will also be given so they will still be working on cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness after a coach led warm up.
-This class will be coached by Alison Gerrish who has earned her level 2 CrossFit certificate and is the owner of Prescribed Fitness. Lifting with good form is so important for our young athletes. This is a great class to transition into our regular classes since ages 15+ are allowed to join our regular classes. Ages 13-14 can get invited to come to adult classes after this class if the show the proper listening skills and ability during this class.

***Minimum of 8 kids needed to hold each class.

What to expect

Our kids classes are meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. Further, the needs of second graders and high-school varsity wrestlers differ by degree and not kind; the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids. Our kids classes are designed to be minimalist; it is inexpensive and often requires little or no equipment, allowing a wide array of socioeconomic groups an opportunity to be physically fit and physically active throughout their lives.

Our kids classes run every summer, check back for dates as summer gets closer! We have a class for ages 5-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds and 13-18. Ages 15+ can join our regular classes that we run throughout the year.

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Conveniently located right on 212 behind the clock tower, across the street from Zestos

204 9th Ave SE, Watertown, SD 57201

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Prescribed Fitness is located and easily accessible from all of Watertown.

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